Is PTFE safe?

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Our pans are PFOA free but do contain some PTFE.

PTFE is in over 95% of all nonstick cookware. PTFE is safe and inert. In fact, it is used in surgical matches meshes, dental implants and heart stents which are all implanted in the body.

Why do we use some PTFE? Sadly, non-PTFE nonstick cookware does not work well for long periods of time. Per our tests, the largest non-PTFE nonstick in the world only held up for 45 minutes of consecutive use.

Two million Americans die each year from heart disease from using too much butter, grease, and oil. PTFE has been proven safe over and over again by the governments of every country in the world. It is safer than smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fatty food, eating processed sugar, drinking out of aluminum cans, drinking diet soda (the list goes on and on). The harmful chemical Dupont was under fire for was PFOA/C8. Our cookware is free from this chemical and safety was a #1 priority when developing this cookware

PTFE itself is not suspected of causing cancer, per the the American Cancer Society. That’s because PTFE is inert. It will not react with other chemicals inside or outside of your body.



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