How to cook eggs without sticking?

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HexClad's patented design distributes heat faster and more evenly than traditional cookware, allowing you to cook at lower temperatures and achieve the same results. For example, cooking on medium with HexClad will achieve similar results as cooking on medium-high+ with traditional non-stick cookware. We recommend that our customers start cooking at lower temperatures and increase the temperature if needed. You will not need to cook on high heat the vast majority of the time. Our pans provide a great searing power on medium to medium-high heat.

To prevent your eggs from sticking:

  • Cook on low heat start on medium-low heat with a small amount of oil
  • Use a rubber or silicone spatula

We understand that our marketing showcases our CEO blowing an egg off of one of our pans, this is done by using a small amount of oil, low heat, and a very thin layer of egg swirled around the circumference of the pan on low heat.

When making a larger batch of eggs, depending on the style of eggs, you will still need to prepare the pan before each use. Scrambled eggs may stick based on the other ingredients you are using, if you are coming across this issue make sure to re-season the cookware before each use.

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