How to locate the serial number

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There is a serial number on every pan. It is a very small 7-digit code that starts with BY. You may require a magnifying glass to read it. 

Location by type

    • Pans & 12" Wok: lip (outside) across from the handle
    • Pots w/one handle: underneath the lip (outside) across from handle
    • Pots w/two handles & 14" Wok: underneath the lip (outside) in between handles
    • Griddles: back of the handle

Here are some photo images to help you locate the serial number. For everything besides the griddle, remember to look on the outside of the pan/pot/wok, under the lip.

Serial_Number_Pan.png   Serial_Number_12__Wok.png   Serial_Number_Griddle.png. Serial_Number_2_qt_Pot.pngSerial_Number_Pot.pngSerial_Number_Wok.png


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